Providing Social Media Marketing Strategies That Gain and Keep Customers

From technical setup to vibrant design to daily upkeep and content creation: we help you manage your brand in the social sphere.


Reach Out to Your Customers

Your customers –existing or new — are constantly accessing the world of social media…do you have a presence there? TastyPlacement can help you take control in the social sphere to earn new customers and keep the customers you already have. With a strong social media presence, you garner customer loyalty and involvement. Our services range from support to your existing campaign to full-scale management.

Good Social Media Management is Good Business

Just as aesthetic website design, good social media practices are beneficial for your business. Your social media presence is indicative of what your business represents and how you treat customers. Social media users make judgments when they see your brand and company represented online. With TastyPlacement on the job, you can feel confident that all your messages –visual, social, and otherwise– send the right message to customers.


Meet Rachel Phillips

Meet Rachel Phillips

Director, Social Media Dept.

“I am Rachel Phillips, and I lead TastyPlacement’s social media marketing efforts. No brand is too large or too small to be seen in the social space. With experience working with dozens of platforms, we use the latest tools and ideas to implement and monitor your social strategy. Reach out to us to give your company a voice and identity today."

Seamless Integration With Your SEO Campaign

If you’re interested receiving higher rankings for your site (who isn’t?), an active social media presence can boost your rankings. Google rewards sites tied to busy social media communities with higher search rankings. These are defined as “social signals” and are recognized by the majority of search engine algorithms today. With TahoeSEO/ Tasty Placement, all of our social media campaigns align with SEO efforts.

Facebook ads, Viral Campaigns — We Do It All

TastyPlacement has a team with experience in all social media spheres: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook remarketing, viral campaigns, infographics — we’ve covered it all. For evidence, simply check out our own social media presence and the presence of our clients. With a team of over 15 analysts and skilled techs, we’re guaranteed to bring you the results you want.


Social Media Case Study:

We boosted our auto/entertainment client’s site to 10,000 Facebook fans in just over a year. How’d we do it?

With a complete and customized program of expert technology, social media knowledge, and sophisticated marketing tactics. We used (and can for you) the following:

  • An advanced web-based email capture that built the WreckedExotics newsletter mailing list. We combined the email sign up with …
  • A weekly email newsletter (they remain very popular marketing devices – “the original social media.”) This weekly newsletter brings traffic and includes a Facebook invitation.
  • A web-based, slide-up Facebook invitation (that we developed for our clients only) turned casual web-site browsers into engaged, informed members of your client base.


Use Expert Social Media Management to Your Advantage With TahoeSEO/TastyPlacement