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Leverage Google Adwords and Remarketing Techniques to Help Your Business Grow

  • Leave the worry of dealing with Adwords to us – we’ll use our expertise while you can focus on your business. We adapt and manage your campaign for a low-monthly fee.
  • We know what your competitors are doing with their ad dollars to gain a competitive edge.
  • We gain more clients with the same budget, so you aren’t wasting money. There has never been a PPC campaign we couldn’t improve.
  • Cutting-edge techniques like Remarketing can take your business farther than you ever imagined.
Joel Lowinger - wowza!

Meet Joel Lowinger

Director, Paid Search Dept.

“I am Joel Lowinger, and I head up TastyPlacement’s paid search department. I have made my career helping businesses like yours stretch your advertising dollar farther than you’ve ever imagined possible. We are using techniques most other firms aren’t aware of, and we are leveraging all of Google’s latest offerings. Reach out to us for an evaluation of what you might be missing. “


  • Our advanced Google Analytics programs let us know not only who is buying, but what people are buying.

    This additional power means more customers on your bottom line

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Can Your PPC Management Design and Install Custom Propriety AdWords and Analytics Dashboards? We Can.

  • We are integrating Google’s most advanced tools to offer speed and precision beyond the capability of humans.

Skilled Adwords Specialists

When looking for a PPC partner in Tahoe, Austin, or elsewhere, stress finding an experienced PPC expert. We’ve applied and grown our PPC knowledge over the years to ensure we’re delivering the best possible service to you, our customers. We provide a level of expertise that is unmatched by our competitors. We can leverage more clicks out of a campaign for the same price that you already paying now.

Published Marketing Experts

You can find our comprehensive guide to digital marketing,”WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization” online and in bookstores across the globe. Our book is a product of our passion for digital marketing, and we bring that enthusiasm to all aspects of our business. If you’d like to learn more about our book, check it out on: Amazon.

Advanced Pay Per Click Techniques

Our experience in PPC means we can implement cutting-edge methods to your digital campaign. Have a known competitor? We know how to identify their ad schedule and employ dayparting to purchase clicks at big savings. This method is just one of the many advanced techniques we use — it was featured as the topic in an article we contributed to SEOMoz, read the full article here.

Key Information About Working with Third Parties on Your Google Adwords Campaign

It’s important to keep in mind certain facts about working with Third Parties on your Google Adwords campaign. Read more about it here: Working with Third Parties.

What Our Clients Say About TastyPlacement’s SEO Expertise:

We use TastyPlacement to optimize our website, We sell a Small Personal Item belt called the SPIbelt, and sell fitness DVDs. A few weeks after TastyPlacement went to work, our Google rankings rose considerably, and we currently enjoy a Number 1 ranking in Google for the phrase “Running Belts”, a highly competitive term–and a good place to be!

I entrust the marketing of my multi-office Plastic Surgery practice exclusively to Michael at TastyPlacement/Medical Website Design Pros: we’ve done a website design, pay per click internet ads, SEO, lead management, and email marketing. Before TastyPlacement, we had lukewarm success with a few other internet marketing firms. In the first year working with Michael, we have increased our revenues tremendously and now enjoy a steady stream of qualified patients through internet marketing.

We trust our SEO to TastyPlacement exclusively. We had a prior campaign deliver lukewarm results, but when Michael and his team took over, we achieved superior rankings that increased the traffic. Our national brand, MonsterRax overhead garage storage racks, benefits greatly from the continued efforts of TastyPlacement. We recommend them highly.