Mobile SEO and Digital Marketing

In this day and age, millions of customers now search for products and services, on-the-go, on their mobile devices.

When Utilizing a Mobile Website, Thousands of Mobile Users Can Find Your Products and Services


Today, even in a local market, millions of searches happen by consumers seeking out products and services on their mobile phones and devices. Does your website have the mobile capabilities for this kind of traffic? If it doesn’t, you’re losing business.

Mobile Sites That
Rank In Search Engines

Our mobile website designs are smoothly integrated into your existing site. Smartphones and mobile devices automatically detect and rank the mobile site while desktop users see your regular website. With our method, there is no complicating alternate domain name or location like “” that confuses users and causes search engines to ignore it. Our mobile site solution is dependable with proven results. Because we use the same domain name from your traditional website as your mobile website, your mobile site will rank in the search.

Try It, and See

Test it out for yourself…search on your mobile phone or device in Google for “Tahoe SEO”–you will see in the top search results. Click the link and you’ll see our mobile-friendly version of the site displayed automatically. Not only that, give us a squeeze. If you are viewing TahoeSEO on a desktop, shrink the width of the browser and the design will automatically respond to the browser size. This feature is called responsive design, the future of the mobile web, for seamless and versatile accessibility.

Statistics On Mobile Users

We thrive on statistics. When we read that the number of mobile users surfing and shopping on websites spiked recently, and was on its way to 4%(!) of web page requests, we took note.

 The Evolving Landscape of Mobile Search

mobile-phone-149x300The tiny, colorless phone screens of years past have made way to thousands of larger, smarter, internet-capable devices: the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm devices, and more.

Google and other search engines have evolved with the changing landscape, offering a PDA-specific search and PDA-specific results.

But you need more than just a mobile designer, effective mobile SEO should be handled by skilled search placement specialists to ensure your mobile site will rank and can be found by the vast market of mobile users. Here at TastyPlacement, we have that expertise.





 Why Our Mobile Site Designs Are Better (and Free)

mobile-web-design-advancedpain-149x300Bottom line: They Rank in Search Results. Unlike all other major mobile website solutions, our innovative mobile sites appear in search results because they are seamlessly integrated with your regular high-ranking website.

They’re Free. Our mobile sites are included in our monthly marketing plans; it’s unnecessary to spend thousands on a mobile-specific solution.

They’re Automatic. Our mobile sites are integrated automatically and cohesively to detect and appear to all mobile users and serve as the mobile version of your site to users on mobile devices. There is no confusing, elusive mobile domain like “” Your website domain is the same as your mobile domain. No confusion or separate domain to remember. Try it: point your iPhone or smartphone to TahoeSEO and you’ll see the mobile version.