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by Great People

Search Experts

We are Google-Certified in Adwords and
Google Analytics Certified Partners.

Serious About Search

Our team is comprised of nearly 20 dedicated designers, analytics, and technicians that work day-in, day-out in the SEO universe.

WordPress Experts

We are WordPress experts, authors of “WordPress 3.0 Search Engine Optimization” on Packt Publishing.

For SEO Effectiveness and Value, TastyPlacement is Tahoe/Reno’s Best Choice


Many SEO companies will trap you in a 12-month contract . . . because they know they don’t have the performance to keep your business. At TastyPlacement we abide by the “no commitment, no penalty” model of business. We know that you will stick with us month after month because we will bring you the customers you need. And if we don’t (we will), then you can fire us any time you want. What do you have to lose?


We leave other SEO companies in the dust because we have the technical background and work ethic to produce results. The leading IT publisher, Packt Publishing, turned to us when they needed an authoritative manual on search engine optimization. The fruit of that collaboration produced the book  “Search Engine Optimization for WordPress.” Look for the title on the shelves of your local bookstore in Spring 2011. The director of TastyPlacement, Michael David, regularly lectures at  PubCon, the convention of the search marketing industry.

More Value and More SEO Performance

Why do we succeed so often?

  • We aren’t greedy: we know we’ll both do better in the long run if you grow.
  • We are lean: our organization is taut, smart, and well-run.
  • We are wise: with our extensive expertise, we don’t waste time and resources on dead-end strategies.

About Tahoe SEO/TastyPlacement

Forget everything you know about advertising costs and business growth. TastyPlacement can tap you into the  explosive power of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web placement, and social media. We’ve boosted our clients to new levels of profit, and we can help you too.
We’ve had clients increase business by 10 times in less than two years. They profited from the stark advantage that search placement has over old-school media. We helped our clients earn wealth by changing with the times, and we can help you too.

We specialize in social media, pay-per-click management, local maps, web design, search engine placement, customer conversions, and much more. We are always researching new ways to make you money. Call us now at 530-725-4100. We offer our SEO Services to businesses throughout the world, but we have special relationship with all the businesses between South Lake Tahoe, California, up to Incline Village, Nevada.

  • Why SEO Works

    For millions of web users, internet searches are the default mode of shopping for products and services. SEO is your gateway to those customers. A company (in Stateline, California or anywhere else in the world) that enjoys a top search engine ranking also enjoys a steady flow of business. In the old days you would advertise on the back cover of a phone book to get these results, but we’re not living in the old days. When was the last time anyone used a phone book?

  • We Start With Keywords

    We discover the keyword combinations that generate the greatest search queries. Search queries are the blood and bones of SEO. With high volume phrases you reach more viewers. With local markets like Tahoe City, Stateline, Incline Village, etc., the localities serve as keywords that zero in on the most relevant potential customers.

  • The Power of Your Website Content

    We implement pages that serve as landing strips for the targeted audience and their preferred keywords. We implement best practices for the design (or redesign) of your website to keep visitors reading and using the site longer, and turn them into repeat visitors. As a subset of our SEO efforts, we endeavor to make sites “sticky”–to keep users on the site longer. The longer a visitor is on your site, the more likely they are to “convert”–to make a purchase or contact you.

  • Technical Expertise

    We implement hyper-lean, CSS-based, fully compliant code to improve page load time, which improves not just the user’s experience but your site’s relationship with the search engines too.  SEO is not just building links and onsite content–technical expertise can make all the difference for a highly competitive search market.
    Finally, we implement a responsible and powerful link-building campaign–a core component of an effective SEO campaign.

What others say about us

TastyPlacement offers the most comprehensive local directory submission package anywhere on the web. They even beat the supposed “Local” optimization companies with a package of over 60 sites. I recommend it.

We trust our SEO to TastyPlacement exclusively. We had a prior campaign deliver lukewarm results, but when Michael and his team took over, we achieved superior rankings that increased the traffic. Our national brand, MonsterRax overhead garage storage racks, benefits greatly from the continued efforts of TastyPlacement. We recommend them highly.